Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed to obtain financing from one of your accredited dealers?

Every person’s situation is different so there is no absolute way to guarantee you will obtain financing from one of our accredited dealerships but in most cases our participating dealer will be able to obtain financing for you through their network of special finance sources.

By completing this application am I obligated to purchase an automobile from your participating dealer?

No. If you are not absolutely satisfied with what our accredited dealer has to offer you, you are under no obligation to purchase anything.

I have already been turned down by my local credit union or bank. How can you help me and my bank or credit union was not able to?

Our participating dealers have lenders that specialize in financing people with credit problems as where you as an individual would not have the resources that are available to our accredited dealerships when seeking an auto loan.

What if I am looking for a particular make of automobile?

Our accredited dealers stock a wide selection of automobiles therefore they will typically have an automobile in stock that will be acceptable to you.

What if I have filed Bankruptcy in the past?

No Problem! If your bankruptcy has been discharged and you are currently employed you will most likely qualify for an auto loan from a lender that our participating dealership is associated with.

What if I have had a car repossessed in the past.

In most cases if a fair amount of time has past since your repossession occurred our participating dealer will still be able to help you.

When I submit my application, what happens next?

Your information is forwarded to an accredited dealer in your immediate area for approval on a car loan. The dealer will typically contact you within 24 hours with the status and details on your auto loan.